Maserati’s radical new track-only supercar shows the true performance potential of the Nettuno engine.

With a look and a livery even more reminiscent of the legendary and rare MC12 of the 2000s, Maserati has announced Project24, which is the codename of a new, highly-limited supercar that is purpose-built (and only allowed) for the track. Based on the MC20, the car uses Maserati’s pride and joy, the Nettuno V6 that was introduced with the supercar, but this time, it’s more powerful, and it’s in a lighter car. The all-carbon-fiber bodywork was designed by Maserati Centro Stile with the goal of creating a car that was even more unique than a race car, with increased downforce, adjustable aerodynamics, and a design that conveys how fast the car can go while it’s just standing still.

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The increased performance of the engine comes thanks to new turbochargers that bring power up to 740 horsepower. The car’s dry weight is less than 2,756 pounds, which makes for an absolutely explosive power-to-weight ratio of 3.72 lbs/hp. Brembo racing brakes with a bespoke cooling system, slick tires, and a suspension system featuring a semi-virtual steering axis, adjustable racing dampers, and adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars translate that performance into superior dynamics on the track, and the interior makes the car’s racing purpose clear. The passenger’s seat is an option, while the steering wheel features a built-in display, and options are available for cameras and recording systems for the interior, rear-view, and to record the telemetry system for racing videos and information. However, comfort isn’t completely abandoned, as the car features air conditioning. The new customer racing machinefrom Maserati is ready to bring the trident back to the track.

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Source: Maserati