Lamborghini celebrates great success, but there’s still much more to come.

With the best first quarter the brand has ever had only weeks behind it, Lamborghini reflects on just what made Q1 2022 such a wildly successful quarter for the brand, and looks forward to building on that same success and making Lamborghini the greatest it has ever been. Operating profit for Lamborghini increased by an incredible 25 percent compared to Q1 2021, with turnover up by over 13 percent. This increase comes with a nearly 5-percent increase in vehicle deliveries in the quarter and strategically favorable currency exchange rates throughout the quarter.

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Lamborghini also earned important distinctions, like earning a Top Employer award, as well as the Green Star Award for its efforts in sustainability. The brand also recognizes the importance of staying on top of the most current and futuristic innovations, diving straight into the world of NFTs. Other achievements earned throughout the quarter included the sale of the 20,000th Lamborghini Huracan and the reveal of the Huracan Tecnica. Lamborghini says that in the coming months, a new Huracan model will be revealed, along with two new Urus models.

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Source: Lamborghini