Rezvani has announced plans to shake up the SUV world.

Known for its seemingly unstoppable Tank and Hercules SUVs and trucks, and its upcoming Beast hypercar, Rezvani has proven its ability to make vehicles that shock, impress, and set high bars for excellence in their segments. Now, the brand has announced that it plans to do so, and when Rezvani says it’s back with a vengeance, that’s exactly what they mean, as the brand’s new SUV is going to be named the 2023 Vengeance. The new Vengeance is what Rezvani says will be its most capable and luxurious vehicle yet.

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This new SUV promises luxurious appointments for up to 7 passengers, and Rezvani’s focus on personal security in their vehicles remains, as the Military Edition trim of the new Rezvani Vengeance is said to have ballistics armor, as well as more than 20 security features. If anything is to be gathered from the examples that the Rezvani Tank and Rezvani Hercules have set before, the Rezvani Vengeance Military Edition is bound to be quite the secure and safe vehicle, on top of being luxurious and ready for just about anything. The styling has only been teased, but Rezvani promises that it’s going to be like nothing else on the road, and that it is going to be purpose-built for practicality and luxury anywhere. The debut of the 2023 Rezvani Vengeance is set for this summer, and interested buyers can make a refundable $500 deposit now.

Source: Rezvani