Varryx is back again with an eagle-eye spy of a new Lamborghini Urus model.

It's been no secret that a new Lamborghini Urus model would be released, but the exact details of the new model have been kept under wraps. There have been talks of a hybrid version, sportier version and even an extreme off-road variant. But as for which one will come out first, only those at Lamborghini know the answers.

Recently, the well-known automotive YouTube channel "Varryx" caught one of these version cruising into the Lamborghini factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese under camouflage. As for which variant it is, it certainly looks to be a much more sporty version of the Urus. In fact, Varryx nicknames this test mule the "Urus Performante," but that is obviously not official.

So, what's different? From the looks of it and what Varryx points out, there is quite a bit that has been changed. Upfront and in the back are new bumpers that will certainly give this new Urus a more aggressive and sporty appearance. The rear is also home to a larger wing that Lamborghini managed to keep under wraps. The one thing, or actually four things that were out in the open were the new wheels have a distinct design.

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But, as with all test mules, things can change and the questions that we are all asking ourselves have yet to be answered. One of the most important questions has to be: what engine will it have? However, we can assume it will have a more powerful version. In fact, it may be a hybrid version of the Urus. Who knows! Be sure to stick with us for more information as it's revealed.

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