In tandem with its real-life counterpart, F1 22 brings racers to the Magic City.

The F1 22 video game gives players a chance to experience the wild life of an F1 driver, and considering that there are only 20 drivers officially in the sport at a time, that’s a life that very few get to live. From the publicity to the racing to the politics, just about everything having to do with being a Formula 1 driver is intense, and the F1 22 game captures the zany sport in a virtual manner.

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Just after the very first Miami Grand Prix weekend that Formula One has had, the F1 22 game adds the incredible Miami International Autodrome to its roster of tracks to drive on, with 3.36 miles of track length with over 190 miles to drive in the total race. The track doesn’t just simulate the racing experience of the Miami International Autodrome, but also the sunny Florida surroundings, with plenty of palm trees and an open blue sky that lets drivers know they’re in the Sunshine State. While we still have to wait until July 1 for the game, this video shows us Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari F1-75 tackling the 19 corners and 3 DRS zones of this stunning course.

Source: F1 Games From Codemasters