Porsche remains strong in a challenging world.

In the first quarter of 2022, plenty of brands suffered quite the challenge on the global stage with supply chain constraints and worldwide crises making things difficult for companies of all kinds, especially the automotive industry. However, Porsche has continued to thrive, growing global sales revenue by €310 million, and increasing operating profit by €210 million. These increases represent 4.1% and 17.4% growth respectively, and it shows that a difficult world doesn’t stop the love for Porsche that so many around the world have.

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Nearly 70,000 Porsches were delivered to customers worldwide over the quarter, and as usual, the Cayenne and Macan were the most popular models. 19,029 and 18,329 of them were delivered respectively, with the Taycan coming in third place at 9,470, eclipsing the 911, which has been somewhat of a sales rival for the Taycan since its introduction. 23 percent of these deliveries represented cars that were at least hybrids, and 14 percent were fully electric. Porsche expects that by 2030, over 80% of new cars from Porsche will be fully electric. While it’s a classic and iconic brand, Porsche is dedicated to making sure it has a place in the future.

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Source: Porsche