Lotus Advanced Performance doesn’t take the word “performance” lightly.

The brand demonstrates that with Lotus Advanced Performance’s debut car: the Lotus Emira GT4. It’s a race car that takes the incredible formula of the Lotus Emira sports car and couples it with improved aerodynamics, race-ready tweaks, and a 3.5-liter Toyota V6 engine. As a brand, Lotus was born on the race track, and the philosophy of racing ability and lightweight dynamics has followed it and been present in its cars throughout over 70 years of its existence, and the Emira GT4 is the latest, and one of the greatest examples of that.

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This week, an exclusive event was held at Hethel to debut the Emira GT4, where guests were able to ride in the passenger’s seat while the new car showed just what it was capable of on the 2.2-mile Hethel test circuit. For the first year of production, the car has already been sold out, and as with any racing Lotus, we aren’t the least bit surprised that it did.

Source: Lotus