The world’s first hybrid hypercar also becomes McLaren’s first NFT.

The McLaren P1 has no problem being a pioneer. As the world’s first hybrid hypercar, revealed ten years ago in 2012, it was part of a “Holy Trinity” of cars that set the course and approach for performance cars, supercars, and hypercars in one of the most meaningful ways modern automotive history has ever seen. Now, the car takes on a similar role in the virtual world. 2,012 (paying homage to the year it was first introduced) randomly generated McLaren P1 and P1 GTR NFTs will be minted.

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They are each priced at 0.5ETH and are in five separate tiers: 1,000 in the LAB Studio: P1 tier, 893 in the LAB Studio+: P1 tier, 100 in the LAB Works: P1 GTR tier, the LAB Honorary P1 and P1 GTR tier, of which NFTs will be gifted to select members of the McLaren community, and 5 in the LAB Icons P1 and P1 GTR tier. 14 NFTs have already been gifted, which leaves 1,998 available for sale. The NFT gives owners a render of the front ¾ view of the car, an animation of the car as well. They will also receive membership to the MSO LAB community, as well as opportunities and invitations to experiences and perks. The NFTs will be live on the McLaren marketplace on May 11 at 9:00 AM ET with priority access for McLaren owners as well as other invitees, and will then open to invited wider NFT communities on May 13, exactly 48 hours later, marking the full entry of McLaren into the NFT world.

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