The Ferrari SP48 Unica is Ferrari’s newest one-off, bespoke berlinetta.

Ferrari’s one-off cars allow the brand a chance to step out of its comfort zone and use new techniques and capabilities to create a car that has an entirely new look and feel while still being a genuine Ferrari through and through, and that’s exactly what the SP48 Unica does. Designed and made as a one-off for a long-standing Ferrari client who the brand says was heavily involved throughout the design process, the SP48 Unica is mechanically and technically identical to the Ferrari F8 Tributo, save for its rear glass. That means it employs the use of the same excellent twin-turbocharged V8 and has all the driving dynamics and ability of the F8 Tributo, an incredible supercar.

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However, the design of the SP48 Unica is entirely bespoke. Done under the direction of Flavio Manzoni, Chief Design Officer at the Ferrari Styling Centre, procedural-parametric modeling and 3D prototyping were paramount to helping the designers create a bespoke car that looked stunning, seamless, and completely like a car of its own. Looking at the car from above, you will see the motif of transitioning from black to red in the design that replaces the rear glass in favor of a more muscular look compared to the F8 Tributo. Bespoke dedication continues on the interior, with laser-cut black Alcantara revealing red fabric underneath in a beautifully detailed pattern that matches the look of the grille and the roof. The Ferrari SP48 Unica might be based on the F8 Tributo, but it goes to great lengths to be an incredible car of its own.

Source: Ferrari