When the lights dim, the show is about to start.

Only ten of the incredible EB 110-inspired Bugatti Centodieci cars will exist. It’s Bugatti’s third example of beautiful, rare modern coachbuilding, and it was revealed all the way back in 2019 at The Quail in California. However, perfection takes time, and even with a model that Bugatti will only make ten of like the Centodieci, has to be perfect, which is why even almost three years later, the Centodieci is still in testing, but it’s almost done because now, it’s being tested in the dark.

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The man responsible for making sure the Centodieci is in perfect shape is Steve Jenny, Bugatti’s in-house quality assurance test driver who has driven over 200,000 miles testing Bugatti’s cars since the Veyron. He took the Centodieci out into the dark to make sure that the headlights, light sensors, and interior lighting systems like the instrument lights, ambient lights, and other lights do what they need to and facilitate safe and beautiful driving. Like he does with the other Bugattis he tests, Steve Jenny drives over 200 miles through Alsace from the Molsheim Atelier to the Colmar Airport to do speed and braking tests, through mountain passes, and back again. While the Bugatti Centodieci’s owners are surely anticipating their cars, they’ll know that at any hour, they have one of the most beautiful, capable, and powerful cars ever made.

Source: Bugatti