Yet another part of Bentley’s Beyond100 carbon-neutrality goal has been achieved.

Plastic isn’t exactly a material that Bentley is known for as a brand, not least for Bentley’s long history and dedication to pure luxury but especially in modern times for the brand’s public commitment to environmental sustainability. However, Bentley does want to be known for using plastic responsibly, sparingly, and sustainably, which is why the company underwent a plastic stewardship assessment and has now been the first company to earn the “Net Zero Plastic to Nature” certification from South Pole, an organization founded in 2006 that guides companies towards sustainability.

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To achieve the certification, Bentley not only had to reduce its plastic usage but also invest in efforts that mitigate said plastic usage, like Neela Saga in India and Second Life in Thailand. Plastic protective pieces on outbound products from Bentley were reduced from 13 to 6, and by removing vinyl wheel protectors and wiper blade covers, 12 tons of plastic were eliminated from Bentley’s waste per year, and where plastic still needs to be used to make sure Bentleys arrive where they’re headed in mint condition, it’s as environmentally friendly as possible. On the production site, the use of plastic shrink-wrap was reduced by 86 percent. Plastic banding used to secure pallets was replaced with an equally-effective cardboard replacement. When it comes to sustainability, Bentley is sure to leave no stone unturned.

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