In an era of downsizing, it's nice to see that the V12 still lives.

Even though many thought that the Ferrari V12 was going away, the Italian automaker has announced a new model that will feature the iconic engine. On Ferrari's social media pages, a quick 15-second video was posted that shows off the V12 engine. The description reads: "A new #Ferrari is coming. Born without compromises, unmistakably Ferrari at heart. Powered by our iconic V12 engine. Stay tuned…" You can view the video down below.

Additionally, Ferrari's website features a page on the video and the fact that a new model will feature the V12 engine. The title of the page is "The Heart of a Thoroughbred." If you recall, Ferrari's new SUV that is coming out is called the Purosangue, a name that translates to "thoroughbred." Could this mean that the Purosangue lineup will include a V12 variant? Only time will tell, as Ferrari notes that this model will be launched later this year.

In the meantime, be sure to stick with us for more information as it's released.

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