Bentley’s upcoming model can be configured in 24 billion different ways.

That’s “billion” with the letter B, as in Bentley. The brand says that the upcoming model will have greater opportunities for personalization than ever, and better yet, these unique cars will all be handcrafted at Bentley’s carbon-neutral Crewe factory. This new Bentley will introduce what Bentley is calling the Airline Seat, which it says is the most advanced car seat ever, with 22 ways of adjustment and automatic climate sensing and postural adjustment technology that employs up to 177 pressure changes in six different zones.

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The door trim is perforated in a diamond pattern that echoes Bentley’s signature quilted leather, and through those perforations, an illuminated LED pattern is formed, with 12 LEDs on each front door, and 22 on each rear door. Both of these innovations show what Bentley says is its commitment to delivering true and timeless luxury in its vehicles, while combining futurism and modern technology for an experience that’s truly unparalleled. While there’s still much to find out about this new Bentley, we’re getting to know it where the magic really happens in a luxury car like this, from the inside out.

Source: Bentley