Bentley is adding a new model to its lineup, and it’s getting revealed very soon.

A fifth model will be joining Bentley’s current portfolio of four cars soon, with the reveal scheduled to take place at 12:30 PM BTS on Tuesday, May 10. While Bentley has been building anticipation for the transition the brand will be making towards battery electric vehicles, it’s been announced that the first all-electric Bentley won’t roll off the production line until 2025. While this announcement could be the reveal of the electric Bentley, we will still have to wait quite some time to get our hands on it.

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However, if the new model being announced is all-electric, it will mark the beginning of a period of some quick and sweeping changes for the Bentley Brand, something the brand calls Five In Five, as Bentley has confirmed that a new electric model will come each year from 2025 for 5 years, meaning that back-to-back, five new electric Bentleys will transform the entire model lineup at a blistering pace. Regardless of what it might be, we will soon be seeing the next chapter of Bentley’s long history.

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Source: Bentley