McLaren MSO’s latest project sends the brand to the Metaverse.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is embarking on a new, digital frontier, and will be releasing NFTs, which also serve as keys that unlock entirely new McLaren experiences. This new metaverse initiative will be called MSO LAB, and the first NFT collection that will be released is going to be called the Genesis Collection. It’s an invite-only, randomized mint that will be incredibly rare and feature some of the greatest legendary cars in McLaren history. In collaboration with InfiniteWorld, McLaren will have its own marketplace where the NFTs will be listed, and they will be launching in the next few weeks.

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McLaren hopes to build a Web3 community of like-minded McLaren enthusiasts who can use the space to enjoy a world surrounded by McLaren and no longer limited to the constraints of the physical world. Membership to the MSO LAB community will prioritize McLaren owners, as it provides exclusive access to utilities and benefits unique to MSO LAB NFT ownership. While McLaren already dominates the road and track, both McLaren and its fans refuse to stop there.

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Source: McLaren