For 2023, the new Supra gets a new pedal.

That’s right. At long last, the Toyota Supra is finally going to be available with a manual transmission, along with lots of other updates, the 2023 Toyota GR Supra makes one of the most important returns to form that it can for purists, enthusiasts, and the enormous population of Supra fans everywhere. The manual transmission is going to be available on models with the 3.0-liter engine because the 6-speed transmission with “intelligent Manual Transmission” or iMT technology was specifically designed for the 3.0-liter engine’s 382 horsepower. To honor the introduction of the manual transmission, a limited edition A91-MT model will be made only for the 2023 model year, available in Matte White and CU Later Gray, with an exclusive Cognac Leather interior. Only 500 A91-MT Supras will be made.

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The iMT Technology allows the Supra to automatically optimize torque during upshifts, and consistently perform during downshifts, however, whether iMT is active or not is something that the driver is able to configure. Other updates for the model include the introduction of a new exterior color, Stratosphere Blue, as well as new steering and suspension tuning for the 3.0 model, as well as a function called Hairpin+, which adds more fun to taking tight uphill bends. If Toyota didn’t make it clear already, we know for sure now that Supra is more than just a name.

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Source: Toyota