This design for the interior of a private jet is as luxurious as it gets.

Officina Amare is a company that specializes in designing architecture, yacht, and aviation solutions that are uncompromising in beauty and luxury, and the company’s latest project, the Bombardier Global 6000 jet, features luxury everywhere you look. Designed for a discerning and sophisticated client, the interior proposal for the jet was designed with plenty of things in mind, like art, architecture, yachting, and cars. The materials and motifs are most notably inspired by the Art Deco period, and the jet is perfect for traveling while conducting business, entertaining, or simply relaxing.

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It features 3 zones: the galley, cabin crew, and guest bathroom are all situated at the front, while the middle section features the dining and entertainment area, and the rear features the owner’s private stateroom, with a full master-suite bedroom, a bathroom with a walk-in wardrobe, and office space. The jet has space for 8 passengers, with a dining table able to seat four, and a casual seating area for three with a coffee table. Glyn Peter Machin barstools make guests feel like they’re being treated at a venue while they’re actually in the sky, and the upholstery and appointment throughout like nubuck crocodile leather, Hermès leather, and Loro Piana fabric make doing anything in the Bombardier 6000 Global satisfyingly luxurious.

The jet itself is capable of speeds of up to 528 mph, with a typical cruising speed of 487 mph, with dual Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 turbofan engines. It’s a stunning jet that features the best of luxury living on the ground or in the sky, and it won’t just get you to your destination in style and luxury, but also in effortless pleasure.

Source: Officina Amare