An Academy Award-winning composer is working with BMW to make sure the BMW i7 always has something to say.

One of the most noticeable differences between gasoline and electric cars is the fact that electric cars lack engine noise. In luxury cars, this is an easy way to create a sumptuous and serene experience, but that quiet nature also serves as a blank canvas on which automakers can build new sound experiences that inspire drives in a way we’ve never seen before. BMW’s new all-electric i7 flagship luxury sedan takes advantage of this with its new IconicSounds Electric soundscapes, which combine with the incredible rear-seat 31-inch Theatre Screen in the car to create a whole new driving experience.

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Created in collaboration with Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, the soundscapes work in conjunction with the natural noise that the car does make, and amplifies it or mutes it depending on your mood. With Sport, Expressive, and Relax modes available, your BMW i7’s soundtrack perfectly adapts to your mood to turn every drive into a beautiful and moving experience that all your senses can enjoy.

Source: BMW