Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy involves bringing women into the automotive world, and Bentley is bringing that to fruition.

The Beyond100 plan that Bentley has laid out for a more positive future includes Bentley’s commitment to increasing diversity throughout the company. To this end, Bentley has announced the successful completion of the first phase of the “Extraordinary Women” program, in which 8 female students have been mentored in areas like engineering, business, and design by entrepreneurs, academics, and Bentley experts, visiting Bentley’s Crewe headquarters for a week to learn more about the brand and its careers.

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The goal of the program is to achieve the Beyond100 benchmark of 30% diverse management by 2025. In the program, students not only learned about Bentley’s products and strategy but also had the opportunity to join panel discussions with Bentley’s senior leadership and pitch ideas to colleagues. Bentley has also announced that the next chapter of Extraordinary Women will be announced soon and introduced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Source: Bentley