The Ferrari 296 GTS has arrived in the United States.

A new Italian has landed in North America as Ferrari of Central New Jersey invited clients out to view the very first Ferrari 296 GTS in the United States. The U.S. debut of the new 296 GTS occurred at Ferrari of New York, the corporate showroom and design center of Ferrari North America. The clients of Ferrari of Central New Jersey, part of the Murgado Automotive Group, we're able to see just how wonderful the 296 GTS looks in person as opposed to static images.

This new model features the same 819-horsepower hybrid powertrain as the 296 GTB, but it allows the driver and passenger to experience the power with an open top above their heads. While some may have concerns over the rigidity of spiders when compared to their coupe counterparts, there is no need to fret with the 296 GTS. In fact, Ferrari's engineers made so many adjustments to the 296 GTS that it is just as rigid as the 296 GTB. Ferrari notes that the 296 GTS improves torsional rigidity by 50%, and bending stiffness by 8% compared to other previous spiders out or Maranello.

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Images by Zac Favreau via Ferrari of Central New Jersey