Weismann is back with a shocking announcement.

You might know Weismann as the German sports car manufacturer that creates stunning, sweeping coupes and roadsters with modern power and dynamics mixed with classic charm. After quite the hiatus, the brand is back, and now it has a new car that takes that formula and brings it to the standard of the greatest modern sports cars and supercars. This new car, Project Thunderball, is both a Weismann like the ones that fans have known and loved and a Weismann like you’ve never seen before.

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That’s because, unlike any Weismann that’s come before it, Project Thunderball is all-electric. It promises to remain true to the driving spirit of every Weismann before it while adding the many benefits of an electric drivetrain. It’s got the signature Weismann look, and like many of Weismann’s beloved cars, it’s a roadster. Inspired by the British classic roadsters that characterize and inform sports cars around the world to this day, Project Thunderball combines Weismann’s dedication to preserving the classic joy of open-top sports cars while using cutting-edge technology to create something truly incredible.

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Source: Weismann