The announcement of a new leadership role at Porsche Cars North America spells an exciting future.

The Porsche Experience describes quite a few bucket-list opportunities for car-lovers around the world. The North American Porsche Experience Centers in Atlanta and Los Angeles make it possible for any car enthusiast to get behind the wheel of a legendary Porsche and truly know what it means to be passionate about performance and sports cars. Now, the Porsche Experience Centers are growing, with the Atlanta facility getting a new customer track, and with the growth of the facility, Porsche Cars North America has hired a new Director of Porsche Experience, Michelle Rainey.

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Rainey offers experience from managing the Experience Center in Atlanta since its opening in 2015, and with her leadership role over all of Porsche Experience in North America, Porsche Experience will expand its track experiences, driving courses, road trips, and more to make the Porsche brand one that provides all sorts of fun, excitement, and invigorating lifestyle for luxury and sports car enthusiasts. Whether you’re a Porsche owner, a Porsche fan, or someone in between, the new Porsche Experience promises to have something for anyone to enjoy.

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Source: Porsche