Koenigsegg has a running prototype for its fastest car ever.

The new Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut makes quite the statement. The “Absolut” name has quite the incomprehensible weight to it because Christian von Koenigsegg, founder and CEO of Koenigsegg says that it indicates the Jesko Absolut’s status as the fastest car that Koenigsegg will ever make. With a roster full of some of the greatest hypercars the world has ever seen, to the point where Koenigsegg spurred the use of a new term: megacar. 

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The Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut promises to deliver 1600 horsepower and over 1100 lb/ft of torque. Combined with Koenigsegg’s 9-speed “Lightspeed” transmission, the Absolut is slated to reach speeds and achieve performance that will change the automotive world. Now, the development of the Absolut has taken an amazing step forward, with a Graphite Grey test car being made, which will be an official Koenigsegg factory testing vehicle. It sits alongside the pre-production Jesko Attack released last year. If we can count on one brand to push the world of performance forward, it’s Koenigsegg.

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Source: Koenigsegg