We're one step closer to an LFA successor being a reality.

It's crazy to think about, but the Lexus LFA ended production a decade ago in 2012. It was a sad moment in time knowing that there would be no more LFAs being produced, but after the sting was gone, everyone started thinking about what was to be the next Lexus supercar.

Now, we have a better idea of what to expect thanks to the recent images released from Lexus of the BEV Sport concept (shown in this article). This new Lexus concept will be electric, as the name suggests (BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle) and the automaker says it will be "reviving the spirit of the iconic Lexus LFA." Lexus also notes that this model will have a 0-60 mph acceleration time in the low two-second range and it will have a range that could exceed 430 miles.

As for when we will see a production-ready example of the LFA successor, that's unknown.

Source: Lexus