Porsche and Billboard have teamed up with Royyal Dog to paint the town.

Graffiti artist Royyal Dog has teamed up with Billboard and Porsche to create an exclusive custom mural that spans an enormous wall. It’s inspired both by his own life, and his time driving the Porsche Macan SUV. While showing the process of the mural creation, Royyal Dog explains why he loves graffiti and how his life brought him to become a graffiti artist. He talks about the fact that graffiti is a form of beauty and art that comes into your everyday life, rather than being something that asks you to seek it out or build a momentous occasion around it. In that sense, the Porsche Macan is much like graffiti as a car. It’s beautiful, dynamic, powerful, and artful, but perfectly capable of being a staple of daily life, and not relegated to a weekend or a special occasion.

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Born in South Korea to a religious family of pastors, Royyal Dog had a tough time fitting in as a child. He wasn’t into sports or studying as a child, and mainly had a passion for drawing and hip hop culture. On a path toward becoming a pastor like his father, he realized that he could be proud of his love for hip hop culture and have a meaningful life and career as an artist, so he pursued that instead, and his journey towards artistry, as well as his experience driving the Porsche Macan both served as inspiration for the mural, which is currently in Los Angeles.

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Source: YouTube/Billboard