The new generation of the Corvette is getting even more exciting.

When the new C8 Corvette was revealed as a mid-engined model, many got what they wanted. The reveal came after years of speculation that the iconic Corvette would be moving to the mid-engined layout. Another bit of speculation regarding the Corvette that has been circulating around has been all about electrified model variants, whether they be hybrid or fully electric.

Now, we can finally say that it's official: electric Corvettes are coming.

Chevrolet has just released a teaser of a hybrid AWD Corvette on the snow (see above). On top of that, the description notes that this hybrid Corvette will be available as early as 2023 and that a fully-electric Corvette will be following.

So, for those who swore up and down that the Corvette would be going electric, here is your proof. As for the specifics of this hybrid Corvette, that is all unknown. Be sure to check back with us for more information as it's released.

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