Dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Ferrari.

During the four days of the 2022 Palm Beach Cavallino Classic, a total of over 2,000 people showed up to enjoy the lovely sights of Ferraris. These guests enjoyed the almost 300 cars that were on display, all of which had a total value of over $740 million.

Here's a breakdown of the cars that were included during the four-day event:

  • 25 cars took part in the Track Day at the Concours Club and 30 at the Tour d'Eleganza on Thursday
  • 30 cars took part in the Tour d'Eleganze on Friday
  • 150 cars were selected for the Consorso on Saturday
  • 85 cars and six motorbikes took part at Mar-a-Lago for the Classic & Sports Sunday

The 2022 Palm Beach Cavallino Classic was more than just cars, however, as it was also focused on charity. A portion of the ticket prices was gathered for charity, resulting in a total amount of $103,450 being donated to the selected charity projects. In addition to the amount raised from tickets, the charity auction on Saturday night raised exactly $20,000. The benefitting charities included The American Council of the Blind Scholarship Fun, The A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Art of West Palm Beach, The Piston Foundation, and The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation.

Cavallino Classic will be continuing its "world tour" in Modena at the end of May before heading to the Middle East in November. The next Palm Beach event will take place next year, January 2023.

Source: Canossa Events