Czinger announces their exclusive dealer for the San Diego and Palm Desert.

After Czinger Vehicles unveiled their first production car, the 21C, the world instantly became interested in the Los Angeles-based automaker. This interest has led Czinger Vehicles to start building a strong dealership network and O'Gara Coach is now part of it. Czinger Vehicles has announced O'Gara Coach as the exclusive dealer of their vehicles for the San Diego and Palm Desert area.

Having O'Gara Coach as an official dealer for the Czinger 21C is an excellent choice considering they already have a strong portfolio of brands and have deep connections throughout the area. For instance, O'Gara Coach's relationship with The Thermal Club opens up possibilities for new owners of the 21C to test the hypercar's strengths on the private race track.

"O’Gara has a reputation for excellence," said Kevin Czinger, Founder and CEO of Czinger Vehicles. "They recognize what we have to offer, and they are experienced with this type of car and in turn, this type of client. We look forward to supporting dealer-level events with the O’Gara team in their showroom and at The Thermal Club throughout 2022 and beyond."

The very first deliveries of the much-anticipated Czinger 21C will occur in 2023 with production limited to 80 units. When the deliveries begin, get ready to see this incredible American hypercar in action. Packing a twin-turbo 2.88-liter flat-plane crank V8 that's mated to an electric drive, the 21C packs 1250 horsepower. The driver of the 21C will control the hypercar's power from a central seat that has a rear passenger directly behind. This central location will give the driver the ultimate vision of the track, leading to the most exciting drives.

Source: Czinger Vehicles