Sustainability in the automotive industry goes deeper than just the cars themselves, and Bentley knows that.

While many manufacturers are looking to create hybrid and electric cars to reduce emissions and innovate the world of transportation, the goal of reducing environmental impact can only be truly achieved by being conscious and making effort to be sustainable across the board, whether it be in manufacturing, the vehicles themselves, or in sales and aftersales points. In an effort that is a far cry from the massive twin-turbocharged V8s and W12s that powered the cars of its past, Bentley has embarked on the mission of being completely carbon neutral as a company, and the Dream Factory concept is a huge part of achieving that mission.

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Recent data coming from Bentley’s Crewe, England headquarters show that it is on track towards becoming the world’s most sustainable luxury automotive brand. With water usage down by 26%, and carbon emissions down by an incredible 70% at the Pyms Lane site where Bentley builds its cars, Bentley’s sustainability efforts have already made wonderful progress. These figures come from before Bentley announced a £2.5 billion investment towards sustainability in January 2022, and with the first all-electric Bentley coming soon, the future has even more in store for a sustainable Bentley brand.

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Source: Bentley