Lexus has entered the electric segment with the sleek new RZ.

Lexus has debuted an all-new battery-electric vehicle platform and promises to start a new era of electric vehicles, with an electric option being available in all of the brand’s segments in 2030 and goals for 100% electric sales by 2035. The new electric-specific platform opens the doors for Lexus to create new electric vehicles, and eventually expand to having a fully formed electric lineup. With its new electric drivetrain, Lexus has the opportunity to revolutionarily change the way its cars drive and work, and the RZ is the first example of this new era.

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It starts with the new DIRECT4 all-wheel-drive, the new precise system that allows for power to be distributed completely to the front or back if need be. It analyzes cornering information and adjusts as you drive to provide solid dynamics and a pure, confident steering feel. Regenerative braking helps efficiency even more, and a compact profile to the electric system makes cargo space more efficiently allocated than ever. An optional steer-by-wire system will also debut, revolutionizing steering with electronic control to make it easier and increase driving visibility. Going on sale by the end of 2022, the Lexus RZ is a Lexus through and through, and with electric capabilities, it’s even better.

Source: Lexus