Lotus’s new special operations division means the British brand is truly on the next level.

The renaissance of Lotus has shown no signs of stopping, what with the Evija’s incredible performance and success, the release of the Emira, the anticipated release of Lotus’s first SUV, and their announcement of a four-door coupe, and yet another SUV coming in the near future.

Lotus has also announced that the brand has established a new division for a range of special operations, which is called Lotus Advanced Performance, and what the new division plans to do is incredibly exciting and something that we have never seen Lotus do before.

Going from a maker of cult-classic sports cars known for their incredible agility to a global brand of the world’s most powerful electric hypercars, Lotus Advanced Performance is there to ensure that every aspect of the Lotus brand matches the caliber of the incredible cars it makes. 

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Lotus Advanced Performance will head up halo projects, runs of one-off or few-off vehicles that show off the absolute best and furthest the Lotus brand can create, as well as exclusive limited editions of Lotus cars that allow customers to stand out from the crowd. In addition, customers will be able to create bespoke Lotus cars, choose exclusive options, and sport new accessories and merchandise through Lotus Advanced Performance. Finally, Lotus Advanced Performance plans to add exclusive Lotus experiences, driving academies, and motorsport models to customers, starting with the Emira GT4. The director of these programs is Simon Lane, who comes from the Q By Aston Martin bespoke service, and in other news, the image Lotus has released with this announcement, which looks to be the back of a race car is teasing something big to come. If it wasn’t clear before that this is a brand new era for Lotus, it should be now.