The Alfa Romeo of the future is a hybrid SUV that comes with a NFT certificate, with 22.5 inches of infotainment screens and more.

Alfa Romeo’s new SUV, the Tonale, slingshots the brand into the future by being a hybrid that allows drivers to travel almost 50 miles on electric power alone, and that just scratches the surface. From bumper to bumper, the Tonale is an Alfa Romeo for a new era that celebrates the brand’s heritage of over 100 years.

The exterior design takes cues from many iconic Alfa Romeo cars like the 8C Competizione, the SZ Zagato, and the many Alfa Romeos that also sported the classic “phone dial” wheels, starting in the 1960s with cars like the 33 Stradale.

The centerpiece of the interior is the 22.5 inches of infotainment screens, which are designed to support 4G connectivity, over-the-air updates, and Amazon Alexa integration. With seats upholstered in neoprene, or Alcantara and vegan leather, the car maintains the sporty look and feel of its historic predecessors while heralding the future of the automotive industry at the same time.

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Three powertrains are available on the Tonale. Two hybrid engines are available with 130 or 160 horsepower. The 160 horsepower Variable-Geometry Turbo engine allows drivers to operate the Tonale using electric power alone at low speeds, or when parking or cruising. The fastest Tonale, however, is the Q4, an all-wheel drive, plug-in hybrid version that is good for 275 horsepower. The Q4 can be operated on electric power alone for almost 50 miles, and it fully charges in as little as 2.5 hours.

The Tonale also comes equipped with Level 2 autonomous driving, with the ability to recognize traffic signs, and maintain travel within a lane. To top it all off, Alfa Romeo is making the Tonale in one of its most advanced plants in Naples, Italy, where it has been making cars since 1972. The Tonale is truly a car that brings Alfa Romeo’s incredible heritage to the future.