This is about as "Florida" as it gets.

As the Miami GP draws near, everyone in the motorsport world is gearing up for the inaugural race. For Red Bull, they decided to make a wild video to celebrate the occasion. Titled "Race To Miami," the video sees Sergio Perez taking a road trip from New York City down to Miami. Along the way, he meets a few friends and runs into a little bit of trouble.

One of the friends he happens to meet along in the Everglades is a professional wakeboarder and Florida Man Parks Bonifay. You can see their meeting at the 4:30 mark in the video up above. In Parks' section of the video, he helps Checo get to his destination and scares off an 11-foot alligator. To help him along, he gets towed behind the Red Bull Formula 1 car and does some insane barefoot water skiing at 70 mph through the Everglades.

To me, a fellow Floridian, what makes this stunt even crazier is known that there are more than likely an untold amount of gators lurking in those waters. Let's just say I wouldn't be caught going for a dip in Florida swamps, let alone water skiing across them at 70 mph.

You can check out the full video up above, as well as a behind-the-scenes look from the Parks Bonifay YouTube channel down below.

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