Bugatti breaks the ice in Austria for the first time in 62 years.

In 1960, Bugatti brought a Type 35 to Austria to participate in a racing tradition that originated with “skijoring” which means “ski driving.” Since Bugatti’s inaugural appearance at the 1960 GP Ice Race, the brand has been absent from the race, until now.

The 2022 race was ICEolated, with no spectators due to COVID-19 restrictions, but in years past, thousands of spectators would line the track despite the extreme weather to see rally cars and classic race cars brave the ice.

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To celebrate Bugatti’s return to the event, the safety car for the race was a Bugatti Baby II, built by the Little Car Company. Its design is based on the Type 35, but it’s thoroughly modern with an electric, rear-wheel drive drivetrain, and a Novice and Expert mode to adjust performance depending on who is driving. Despite its size, the Baby II is just as luxurious and magnificent as the Type 35 it pays homage to, because of the fact that it is built using the same coachbuilding techniques as its historic predecessor, and takes over 200 hours to build. The Baby II that was used for the GP Ice Race featured studded tires for grip on the slippery surfaces, which made it perfectly capable for its job during this exciting celebration of motorsport tradition.