The Mercedes-Benz EQ family finally gets the SUV treatment.

In today’s world, there couldn’t be a car that is more current than an all-electric luxury SUV. That’s why Mercedes-Benz has released the EQS SUV for the 2023 model year. It’s a vehicle that many of today’s drivers can identify with, and that luxury lovers are sure to enjoy. With up to 536 horsepower, over 370 miles of range, and dynamic, easy SUV driving, the new EQS SUV promises to be an excellent SUV, an excellent luxury car, and an excellent electric vehicle.

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By virtue of being an electric vehicle, the battery placed under the floor of the car makes the EQS a vehicle with excellent weight distribution and an incredibly low center of gravity, which is a feat that few conventional SUVs can match. Combined with the available 4MATIC, the EQS SUV has the potential for power and easy but exciting driving. And as a Mercedes-Benz should be, that driving is not just easy and exciting, it’s incredibly beautiful and luxurious as well. The EQS features an interior that is just as futuristic as the car itself, with the option of the entire dashboard being turned into a sophisticated and seamless infotainment system for both driver and passenger, dubbed by Mercedes-Benz as the MBUX Hyperscreen. And with practicality in mind, the EQS SUV is also available with 7 seats. When it comes to Mercedes-Benz, and the luxury SUV world as a whole, the future is here.

Source: Mercedes-Benz