Make your childhood dreams of owning a Batmobile become a reality.

The fascination for anything automotive seems to come at a young age, with popular motion pictures being the key behind a growing community of collectors and enthusiasts. For some, the Batmobile was the dream car to have during a time when a driver's license was far into the future. The engineering professionals at VAN DARYL are proud to present the world’s first and only electric Batmobile replica, with 23-year old Nguyen Dac Chung at the lead as the artist and architect. Beginning as a hobby for Nguyen, the goal of the first build was to accurately depict Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile using the original blueprints.

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After 2-years of development, the new Electric Batmobile is now a faster and more sustainable version of Nguyen's original gas-powered prototype. A mixture of materials that include: ABS, composite, steel, and carbon fiber make up the Electric Batmobile. Parts of the Batmobile are handcrafted, while some are 3D-printed for precision. The lithium-ion electric motor used to power the reimagined Batmobile increases its top speed to 65mph, with safety cameras and monitors fitted at every angle to ensure a pleasurable driving experience. The VAN DARYL Electric Batmobile is currently available for order by enquiring through the company’s website. Check back into duPont REGISTRY Daily for more supercar news and luxury gear releases.