The Audi urbansphere concept shows a luxury oasis built for a fast-paced future.

As the world continues to grow, its cities get busier and faster. Living in close quarters, urban environments will provide even less personal space than they do now, and there’s less and less time available to us when we don’t have to be on the go. So, our transportation has to fit this lifestyle, and that’s the challenge that the Audi urbansphere concept steps up to.

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It emphasizes the driver and the passengers above anything else, which is why it offers more interior space than any Audi has ever done before. The third installation in the Audi sphere suite of concept vehicles, alongside the Audi skysphere and Audi grandsphere, the urbansphere is Audi’s idea of urban luxury in the future. The car lacks a B-pillar and the doors open in opposite directions to reveal a completely uninterrupted entrance, and the seats swivel out to welcome passengers. Wood and wool, among other beautiful materials, form a serene interior, and no screens, gauges, or instrument panels are revealed until the car is activated. The urbansphere’s electric drivetrain allows for large, usable interior space with a long wheelbase that efficiently uses the length of the car, and also allows for a 466-mile range, high power, and fast charging, in the name of 5 to 80 percent charge in as little as 25 minutes.

The urbansphere’s take on luxury is inspired by the megacities of China, although its sensibility can be applied to urban environments around the world. As an homage-paying touch to its Chinese inspiration, the Audi urbansphere concept features an illuminated umbrella that nods towards traditional Chinese umbrellas. Made with reflective material on the inner surface, the umbrella protects its user from the elements, serves as a light source, and is a source of visibility for safety while walking at night. Inside and out, the Audi urbansphere concept is a luxury revolution.

Source: Audi