The spider version of Ferrari’s latest 296 combines the open air with a hybrid Italian supercar spirit.

Ferrari shocked the enthusiast community when it announced that its new entry-level model, the 296 GTB, would be a V6-powered plug-in hybrid. However, we quickly learned that this setup made for immense power, impressive dynamics, and one of the most spirited Ferrari supercars we have seen yet. Combined with its fresh, modern look that still pays beautiful homage to historic Ferrari hallmarks, the 296 GTB is becoming a fast favorite.

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Now, it gets even better, because Ferrari has announced the 296 GTS, a Spider version of the 296 that combines the amazing driving experience and lets the sky in, all while refusing to compromise the incredible spirit of the car. It features the same incredible hybrid powertrain as the GTB counterpart, with its 120-degree V6 that allows for turbochargers to be installed inside the vee. To accommodate for the retractable hard-top roof of the car, Ferrari’s engineers redesigned much of the car so that it, while being an open-top supercar, remains just as rigid, fast, and dynamic as its coupe counterpart.

Ferrari says the chassis of the 296 GTS improves torsional rigidity by 50%, and bending stiffness by 8% compared to other Ferrari spiders, and that a lot of work was done in the A and B pillars, as well as the sills. The aerodynamics have also been optimized, meaning the 296 GTS and the 296 GTB deliver the same amount of downforce. Best of all, the roof is able to transition from closed to open in a mere 14 seconds, allowing for the driver to bring the sky into their drive on a whim. Along with the incredible speed of the opening top, the action can also be performed at speeds of as much as 27 mph. And for the sake of performance, the Assetto Fiorano package available on the 296 GTB will also be available on the 296 GTS. Uncompromising and true to the spirit of the original, the Ferrari 296 GTS speaks to what all spiders and all supercars should be.

Source: Ferrari