Koenigsegg is poised to grow exponentially in more ways than one.

If you're familiar with Koenigsegg, you may know that their production location is Valhall park where the F10 Air Force Ghost Squadron used to reside. Now, Koenigsegg is building upon that location with a massive expansion that will allow the automaker to ramp up production for the Gemera and create space for even more growth. This new expansion will create a substantial footprint of 30,000 square meters at the Valhall park location. Within the expansions, plans are many exciting bits, including the new customer lounge, Gemera factory, on-site track, experience center, and more. Due to the expansion, Koenigsegg is prepared to hire more engineers and production staff. And, let me tell you if you thought working for a company like Koenigsegg was cool before, wait until you hear about what they're doing for employees. On-site, Koenigsegg will have plenty for employees, like outdoor gyms, alfresco decking, tree pods for meetings, and what looks like a beautiful landscape.

CEO and Founder Christian von Koenigsegg said: “Looking back at where we started 27 years ago, it’s incredible to think of the journey we have been on. Our expansion is a mark of our past and future relevance where we are geared towards delivering bleeding-edge mobility tech and our handcrafted ultimate performance automobiles.”

Source: Koenigsegg