This is Ferrari like you’ve never known it before.

You might think that mid-engined supercars are a Ferrari staple. You might even think that Ferrari has made a hybrid supercar before, and both of those things would be true, but you’d be very wrong if you thought that the SF90 Stradale wasn’t a revolutionary new step for Ferrari that has catapulted the brand into a new era of performance and changed the way Ferrari, and the automotive industry as a whole achieve speed, performance, luxury, and beauty. Keep reading and we’ll show you around the SF90 Stradale, and you’ll quickly see why it’s a very different kind of Ferrari.

SF90 Stradale Price

A Ferrari SF90 Stradale for sale is an incredible supercar, and it is certainly priced like one. Starting at $625,000, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale price is undoubtedly expensive, but for that money, you get one of the greatest supercars of our day, and more importantly, a Ferrari that will live on forever in the legend of automotive history. With incredible design language deserving of a flagship car that sits right at the forefront of Ferrari’s latest style, cutting-edge luxury and technology, and performance and dynamics that are changing the entire Ferrari brand, the premium that the Ferrari SF90 MSRP commands exists because Ferrari SF90 owners have a piece of history.

SF90 Stradale Review

A Ferrari SF90 Stradale review is not one like a typical Ferrari by any means. It is a plug-in hybrid vehicle, which makes use of both its V8 engine and electric motors to futuristically optimize performance in a way that is deserving of the Ferrari flagship title. While the engine powers the rear wheels, the electric motors are mounted to the transmission and the two front wheels, making the SF90 Stradale all-wheel-drive, unlike its rear-wheel-drive LaFerrari predecessor. In conjunction, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale horsepower is an incredible 986. With its light weight, incredible dynamics, and clever hybrid powertrain, driving the Ferrari SF90 Stradale is a whole new Ferrari experience.

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SF90 Stradale Specs

Saying that the SF90 Stradale is fast is a grave understatement. Take for example the fact that the Ferrari SF90 Stradale specs include the fact that it’s faster than the legendary LaFerrari on the Fiorano Circuit, one of the cars that arguably popularized the “hypercar” designation. With its V8 and hybrid system making use of all four wheels at a total of 986 horsepower, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale top speed is 211 mph, making it one of the fastest Ferraris ever produced. Along with that, the acceleration is incredible, as well. The Ferrari SF90 0-60 is just 2.5 seconds, and this incredibly fast time comes thanks to the use of electric torque and all-wheel drive, something that has rarely been seen on any Ferrari model in the past. If you keep your foot on the accelerator, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale ¼ mile will only take you 9.5 seconds, which yet again puts it in an incredibly exclusive club of some of the fastest cars ever made that possess sub-10-second quarter-mile times.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale Specs
Engine:4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 3 electric motors
Transmission:8-speed automatic
Horsepower:986 hp
Torque:590 lb/ft
0-60 mph:2.5 s
¼ mie:9.5 s
Top Speed:211 mph

SF90 Stradale Engine

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale engine is a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that is adapted from the V8 engine seen in the Ferrari F8 Tributo. However, the cylinders have been bored further to achieve the SF90 engine’s increase in displacement. It has been tuned to produce 769 horsepower on its own and to achieve incredible weight distribution and an optimally low center of gravity, the SF90 Stradale’s engine is situated quite low in the car. The electric motors, situated at the front wheels and the transmission, provide the ability of torque vectoring to the car, using Ferrari’s aptly named RAC-e system, which stands for Rotation Axis Control-electric, which helps use the powertrain to optimize both speed and handling.

SF90 Stradale Transmission

The 8-speed automatic Ferrari SF90 Stradale transmission is a great improvement on Ferrari’s typical 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that its other cars are featured in. The hybrid system in the Ferrari SF90 also comes into play here, because it helps the transmission make weight savings compared to its 7-speed counterpart. How it does this is by ridding itself of the reverse gear. If you think that the car needs to be able to reverse somehow, fret not. Ferrari does, too. Instead of relying on the transmission to provide the reverse gear, it simply calls on the electric motors at the front wheels to do the job of reversing. Along with the weight savings, the transmission also shifts much faster than its predecessor, contributing to the SF90 being one of the fastest Ferraris yet.

SF90 Stradale Interior

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale interior features one of Ferrari’s most beautiful, intuitive, and performance-oriented designs yet. When you step inside, you see a completely driver-focused interface that features screens for just about everything. Even the steering wheel-mounted controls rely on touch inputs, and one of them is the very one that starts the engine of the car. The infotainment system is entirely situated on a screen that is shared with the instrument panel, and it features a control that is dynamic and configurable to whatever information the driver finds most relevant at the time, with a swipe or touch on the steering wheel, you can switch from the tachometer to the navigation, to the audio. With carbon fiber, Alcantara, and leather surfaces, you will know you’re in a car with racing potential, but the racing feel shows itself most uniquely in the shifter. It’s made to look like a gated manual shifter, a classic Ferrari staple, however, it is actually a set of three switches that allow you to put the car in reverse, switch from manual to automatic shifting, and engage Power Start, the Ferrari SF90’s launch control system.

SF90 Stradale Brakes

With 15-inch brakes in the front and 14-inch brakes in the back, the Ferrari SF90 brakes make the car stop just as eagerly as it goes. However, because the car is a plug-in hybrid, braking is when the magic happens. The car employs the use of regenerative braking, which allows the battery that powers the electric motor to regain charge in braking. If you wish to drive the SF90 Stradale in electric mode, this extends your electric driving range.

SF90 Stradale Standout Features

One of the first features you’ll notice if you are interested in a Ferrari SF90 is the Assetto Fiorano option package. This option package opens even more possibilities for the Ferrari SF90 Stradale when it comes to performance. It features Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, amazing optional carbon-fiber wheels, Multimatic shocks, and an added carbon fiber spoiler for extra downforce, dialing up the performance of this flagship Ferrari even more. Other unique aspects of the SF90 Stradale include the fact that the steering wheel has mounted on it the turning signal controls and the wiper blade controls, which in many other cars are found on stalks and dials elsewhere on the dashboard. This way, the SF90 Stradale lets the driver focus on the road or track and keep their hands on the wheel. One of the most interesting features, however, is the key fob, which is an elegant rectangular leather fob that features two buttons to lock and unlock the car. On the other side is a large Ferrari logo, and in its monolithic silhouette, it actually lacks the ability to be attached to a keyring. If this strange key is your dream to have, so that you can open the doors of a new Ferrari SF90 Stradale, have a look at the Ferrari SF90 Stradales available for sale by clicking below.

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