Presented by Nighthawk Custom.

Nighthawk Custom has been building custom 1911s since 2004. It takes time, skill, and passion to create “The World’s Finest 1911s”. Each pistol we build is hand-crafted from start to finish by a single master gunsmith. Every part is Fully Machined from bar-stock steel, intentionally oversized, and every part is meticulously handfit to create an heirloom-quality firearm that will be passed down from generation to generation.

The One Gun, One Gunsmith approach creates the highest level of ownership, and it signifies the pride and commitment our gunsmiths take in the work they do. Once a gunsmith has finished the build process and prep process, he will stamp his initials into the left grip panel of the frame. This signifies that the pistol meets not only his personal standard, but the Nighthawk Custom standard as well. Every Nighthawk Custom pistol comes with a lifetime guarantee. This lifetime guarantee spans the lifetime of the pistol, regardless of who the owner is. This is because we fully stand behind what we do, ultimately creating heirloom-quality firearms.

Nighthawk Custom is proud to be the exclusive importer and distributor of Korth revolvers in the USA. These top-tier revolvers were the result of a collaboration with Korth-Waffen of Lollar Germany. Because Korth revolvers are known worldwide for their unrivaled quality and value since 1954, a partnership between Nighthawk Custom and Korth was a natural fit. Much like Nighthawk Custom, every Korth revolver is built from start to finish by a single gunsmith. Every part used in Korth builds come from Fully Machined bar stock, ensuring that only the finest materials are used. The result is a revolver renowned worldwide to be the World’s Finest Revolvers.

Check out to see the entire Nighthawk Custom and Korth lineup, or give us a call 866-618-4492 for more info.