A new level of customization and personalization is coming to Maserati. 

Fuoriserie is the name of Maserati’s new customization program, and it allows you to make the Maserati of your dreams in a way you’ve never been able to before. Customers are able to customize the Levante, Ghibli, Quattroporte, and the MC20, and to spark creativity, Maserati has three collections of customizations to choose from.

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Corse is a collection inspired by vintage racing and specifically Maserati’s racing heritage. With classic stripes and liveries, the Corse customers can live out their “gentleman racer” fantasies in their dream Maserati. Unica is unapologetically contemporary. The collection features bright colors and bold patterns and speaks to the customer who lives in the moment. Futura is for the customer who goes fearlessly forward, with its industrial colors, and space-age minimalist aesthetic.

Maserati has also created cars in collaboration with Chinese brand Canotwait, Massimo Bottura, Michelin-starred Chef Alajamo, and David Beckham through the Fuoriserie program. Along with the collections, Maserati makes it clear that this program has incredible potential to create beautiful and unique Maseratis.