Ferrari has a big reveal coming soon. 

The Cavallino Rampante brand has an exciting new announcement to make, as they have said on Instagram that a new mid-rear-engined berlinetta from Ferrari will be revealed on April 19 at 2:00 PM CEST. The teaser video shows close-up shots of a blue Ferrari and the tarmac of a racetrack, but with most discernible details obscured. However, the hint that was given could be somewhat of a clue as to what the car might be.

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The “mid-rear-engine” provides a clue. This is an engine layout Ferrari has been using for decades, dating all the way back to the 328 and making it to models that we know today like the 430, 458, 488, and most recently, the F8 Tributo and the newest Ferrari 296 GTB. While this could be an entirely new car from the brand, the “mid-rear-engine” hint suggests that it may be a new version of either of those models, like the 458 Speciale or 488 Pista that breathed new life into those models well into their production cycle. Whatever this new Ferrari may be, we know it’s going to be a thrilling reveal.

Source: Instagram/Ferrari