Presented by Verijet. Written by Bill Lannan.

What bothers you most about flying these days? What drives your “indignity” meter to go TILT? Read on, or if you want to skip to "The Solution” scroll down.

What gets you indignant about air travel today?

Is it substandard customer service or snarly agents? Reservation and booking complexities? Inconvenient flight schedules? And what seems like endless travel and connections to go just five hundred miles?

Is it long drives to the terminal in horrendous traffic? Or overfilled parking garages and parking lots far from the terminal?

Is it long lines and waits at the terminal to clear ticketing, check in, baggage drop, and TSA? Is it all the TSA security check requirements and processes? Is it the crowds, the noise, or the endless walking? Is it the risk of exposure to the latest “disease du jour” making the rounds in the traveling population? Is it late departures? Or the endless misery of mass flight cancellations that cost you days of time?

Is it boarding - the risk of intimate brushes with strangers, bumps, bruises, and injury during boarding? Is it crowded and unsanitary airplanes? Is it armrest hogs, stinky seatmates, or aggressive recliners? Is it crying and unruly children or getting your seat back kicked? Is it overhead and under seat baggage hogs? Or the delays -- at the gate, on the taxiway, and holds for takeoff? Is it flying in circles for what seems like an eternity at the destination hub airport and late arrivals to the terminal gate? Is it the surge of the herd trying to gather their belongings and exit the airplane with the associated dangers and indignities?

The Solution

Whatever causes your indignation meter to go tilt, we hear you! We understand that the indignities, annoyances, and stressors are almost endless when you travel with the big commercial airlines! But there is an effortless way to stop all that nonsense. Fly Verijet! Verijet’s mission is all about serving you -- bringing dignity and joy back into your air travel experience.

9 Things a Vjet Trip Includes:

  1. Simplicity. Booking is easy. AI powered scheduling and booking cuts out all the complexities.
  2. Exceptional customer service and support. Verijet folks are passionate about making your trip convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable. And they are available almost immediately without waiting tens of minutes or even hours on-hold.
  3. You are in control. Your needs and your schedule are our priority!
  4. Local airports and executive-style, uncrowded, PRIVATE passenger terminals with adjacent parking. Close to your home or office and closer to your destination.
  5. Safety, privacy, and security. Verijet is committed to providing you with a complete bubble of “protection.”
  6. New jet aircraft that are spacious, comfortable, clean, and safe. Aircraft that are the most innovative and safest in the sky today. Aircraft awarded two Collier awards for safety.
  7. An entire aircraft dedicated to you and your traveling party. No strangers! Just a very friendly and professional pilot. And you can bring your pets aboard!
  8. No mucking around at local airports. Go thru TSA quickly, board quickly, and take off quickly – in less than fifteen minutes. Land quickly, get to the terminal quickly and deboard and be on your way quickly.
  9. Direct, point-to-point travel. No mucking around in the sky enroute. Less time in the air.

What are you waiting for? Get back your dignity and the joy of traveling. Vjet to your next destination! Call 833-verijet today or visit us online at for more information.