From cars, to carbon fiber in space, to NFT projects, everything Lamborghini does is out of this world.

Lamborghini’s mysterious Space Key NFTs are finally starting to make a bit of sense. The project now has the name “Space Time Memory,” and the artist behind it is Fabian Oefner.

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Oefner describes how the artwork is about so much more than just a car, and rather is an ode to exploration, discovery, and bravery in the face of the unknown. Fabian Oefner grew up in the space age, and often watched shuttles launch into the sky. Along with that, the carbon fiber space key bridges the digital and physical worlds by providing a QR code to the NFT. With those two concepts in mind, Oefner sought to create the “ultimate show,” parallel to the ultimate Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae. Oefner remarks on how the Latin word “ultimae” not only means “last,” but also “farthest,” which brought him to the concept of the Space Time Memory NFT of the car launching into the sky, because the moon is the farthest place that mankind has ventured, and the place of the latest and deepest human curiosity.

Bidding on the NFT begins February 1 at 4 PM CET, and ends February 4 at 7:50 PM CET on