Who knew helicopters could be a part of everyday luxury?

Flight can be difficult. Often, even the most luxurious aviation assumes the pilot is highly experienced and willing to put up with rather Spartan appointments, but why should that be the fate of aviation? Hill Helicopters approaches flight at a different angle, and with the HX50 that puts luxury appointments in the helicopter for everyone to enjoy,  it makes piloting a helicopter feel like driving a luxury sedan.

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Hill Helicopters’ HX50 is like no helicopter you have seen before. It features stunning visibility, beautifully luxurious seating for 5, and intuitive, digital controls. Integration with iPad software makes your flight experience easy and familiar. With the HX50, it’s pleasurable and luxurious to fly a helicopter, not just ride in one. A Hill Helicopters HX50 represents a beautiful future of flight, one where aviation is an experience to savor, even for those at the controls.

Source: Hill Helicopters