A new electric hypercar challenger has entered the ring.

The DEUS Vayanne made its debut at the New York International Auto Show. It’s a new, all-electric hypercar that comes as the result of a collaboration between Italdesign, Williams Advanced Engineering, and DEUS, to make an incredible, rare car that is bound to make waves in the hypercar world.

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It’s slated to make over 2,200 horsepower, and produce 1,475 lb/ft of torque, which are unfathomable numbers, but it doesn’t stop there. The predicted 0-60 time is under 2 seconds, and when you keep your foot on the accelerator, the car is said to end up reaching 248 mph. These stats put the DEUS Vayanne in a very exclusive category of cars, which isn’t bad for the brand’s debut offering.

Only 99 of these cars are going to be made, and deliveries are said to start in 2025. With those kinds of specs and the fact that the Vayanne is going to be such a rare limited edition, there’s little doubt that the car is going to be expensive. It might be a 3-year wait, but that only leaves more time for anticipation to build.

Source: DEUS Automotive