While Porsche continues to struggle globally with current crises, high demand means hope.

Porsche delivered 68,426 vehicles in the first quarter of 2022, which is unfortunately a 5% decrease compared to the first quarter of last year. However, it’s not all bad, with plenty of signs showing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the brand. In Europe, for example, Porsche delivered an incredible 18% more vehicles compared to the same last year at a total of 22,791. High demand remains, and supply-related issues still hold back optimal success for Porsche.

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Worldwide, the Porsche Cayenne was the most popular seller, which is par for the course as the Cayenne and Porsche Macan have been Porsche’s highest sellers as long as they have been in Porsche’s lineup. With over 19,000 Cayennes going home to customers, and over 18,000 Macans, excellent, sporty luxury SUVs are as popular as ever. Going forward, Porsche plans to continue to make and sell excellent sports and luxury cars, and weather the storm for a more successful future.

Source: Porsche