The future of Ferrari racing is about to be here.

The Fiorano race track has hosted two days of testing for the Ferrari 296 GT3, Ferrari’s newest GT racing car which is based on the revolutionary new Ferrari 296 GTB. The car, once testing is fully complete and the car is finalized, is going to represent Ferrari on the racetrack in competitions around the world, showing what Ferrari’s innovation, power, and Italian supercar spirit are capable of.

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Thus far, Ferrari had highly satisfactory testing results for this round of testing, with the car proving reliability and sound driving systems. Because of its status as Ferrari’s next GT car, expectations are quite high, and even at this early stage of development, excitement around the 296 GT3 and its career as a race car for Ferrari teams and gentleman drivers is brewing quickly. As testing has already begun for the car, hopefully we get to see the 296 GT3 in action soon.

Source: Ferrari