Time has little meaning when it comes to a Bentley’s spirit.

The Bentley T-Series was one of the brand’s most iconic models, embodying the brand’s dedication to luxury and performance, and most importantly innovative engineering and the exploration of new technology to make the most excellent automotive experience possible. The T-Series, in 1965, featured independent suspension on all four wheels, disc brakes, and a 115 mph top speed.

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The very first T-Series had been left in storage for at least 15 years, and even after all that time, the engine and gearbox were in good condition. However, there was still lots of work to be done to restore the car, including both mechanical and cosmetic work. However, the T-Series has begun that restoration, and once complete, the car will be added to Bentley’s Heritage Collection, whose dedication is to preserving the history and beauty of the storied Bentley brand.

Source: Bentley